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Ivanka is currently in the process of obtaining a security clearance. "Ivanka has taken on several measures to promote high standards of ethical conduct," press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters on Tuesday. "Even though she's not a federal employee, she'll follow the restrictions that would apply if she were. She's taken these steps with the advice of counsel and in consultation of the Office of Government Ethics." Ivanka Trump's husband Jared Kushner also works in the White House but as an official employee of the government. MAC's lawsuit claims Ivanka Trump and Kushner's proximity to the president offers Ivanka Trump Marks LLC an unfair advantage -- one the boutique claims is prohibited by the Constitution. "The effects of that unfair advantage are magnified greatly by marketing activities of defendant Ivanka Trump's officers and employees and the similar activities of Donald J. Trump , his family, his agents and employees and the White House staff advisors, including but not limited to Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway and White House Press Secretary and Communications Director Sean Spicer," MAC wrote in the complaint . Though Ivanka Trump remains the sole owner of her clothing brand, she has stepped down from her role as top executive. The company is now being run by newly appointed president Abigail Klem. Ivanka Trump also appointed a trust to oversee the business. Ivanka Trump's clothing brand has enjoyed an increase in sales in recent months, and has appeared to benefit from White House endorsements.

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According to the Sydney Morning Herald ,soon after Hayward started working at the school, a few young womenasked her why they were required to wear skirts every day.If I was told that I was expected to wear a skirt every day to work because Im a female, well, I can tell you what my เสื้อผ้าแฟชั่นพร้อมส่ง response would be, she said. This was a good example of where we [were] out of step with societys norms, so we said fair enough and changed it. Soon after the complaint, girls were permitted to wear pants andthen culottes, but shady comments from students still obsessed with the gender designation of the pieces caused Hayward to scrap norms altogether. And the move makes sense, after all, as women wear trousers, men wear skirts, andat the end of the day, its just clothes, and the kids are at schoolto learn. Allowing them to have school-appropriate options, and not making a big deal about who is allowed to have those options, takes the pressure off of kids who wish to wear whatever. This is, Im sure, a welcomed about time policy change that most parents and kids will applaud, child psychologistMichele Borba tells Yahoo Style. Ive been on many a school campus with a uniform policy for girls wearing skirts, and they look half frozen. Pants are practical, and the business and fashion worlds embrace pantsuits for women. (Hello, Pantsuit Nation!) Going deeper, gender-neutral uniforms could go so far as to help prevent bullying, according to child development and education expert Ann-Marie Hayes of Australia , where proposals are being considered at schools across the country.If we put the well-being of our students at the forefront we are ensuring that you can come to school and feel respected and have a safe place to be yourself, she said. Similarly, a 2014 Guardian piece looked atuniforms as a jumping-off point for teaching kids about equality. Uniforms should do what their name suggests: unify students, instead of dividing them, the piece noted. Doing so wont suddenly resolve all gender disparity, but it would be a reminder that in schools, at least we are all expected to set our intellectual incline at the same level.

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